Michael W. Smith의 새 앨범 소식인데요, 2018년 8월 [A Night to Pray, Worship and Be Awakened] 워십을 담은 앨범 [AWAKEN: The Surrounded Experience]이 미국 시간으로 2월 22일에 발표된다고 합니다. 

그러고 보니 작년 이맘때 한 주 간격으로 팝 스타일의 [A Million Lights, 2018.2.16], 워십 앨범 [Surrounded, 2018.2.23] 두 개 앨범을 연속으로 발표했었지요, 어느새 1년이 흘렀네요 ~ :)

"The night was beautiful. I remember thinking, 'This is what Heaven will look like.' A picture of unity, with all colors, ethnicities, denominations and ages joined together in worship, I’m still hearing reports of lives changed, commitments deepened and people empowered in a new way. We may each have different stories, skin and songs, but we all share His same Spirit."

01. Set A Fire
02. Reckless Love
03. King Of Glory (feat. CeCe Winans)
04. Waymaker (feat. Vanessa Campagna & Madelyn Berry)
05. Miracles (feat. Mark Gutierrez)
06. Do It Again
07. Surrounded (Fight My Battles)
08. Washed Away Nothing But The Blood
09. Great Are You Lord (feat. Calvin Nowell)
10. Let It Rain (feat. Alex Seeley)
11. Healing Rain
12. Agnus Dei (feat. Skye Reedy)
13. Revelation Song

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